After a bit of playing round with the format of this blog over Christmas I’m reasonably happy with it now, and will declare it officially open for business.

New Hey Station

Why start this blog when I already had a reasonably successful thread running on RM Web and other forums?

I guess I can really trace it back to one of the conversations with Chris Nevard whilst he was photographing the layout and one of the areas covered was editorial independence. Where forums are independent, and run by individuals it’s not so much of an issue, but with an article about to appear in Model Rail, and hopefully I will be able to write more for them as a result, I feel uncomfortable publishing on a forum run by a rival company in the months before the publication of that issue. Avenues of independent forums seem limited as it seems another forum is about to be swallowed up by another company. At least on my own I can write what I like, and when I like, and so long as I’m not getting into illegal territory can be as controversial as I like with no one going to censor me. A further conversation along the same lines of editorial independence with another regular contributor to magazines the week before Christmas sealed the deal in my mind – he pointed me firmly in the direction of WordPress and that, as they say, was that.

Of course there’s been some speculation/ accusation on my thread about toys being thrown out of prams. That is not strictly true, yes I have now totally lost patience with one particular element of the forum but that’s one thing only, and there are other elements which I’m loath to lose, not least the support I’ve had from Andy York whilst going through the New Hey trauma period (more on that and DCC later!!) watching the saga of Larry Goddard’s “Greenfield” and Jason’s “Bacup” and don’t intend walking away from RM Web, or any other of the 4 forums Im a member of for that matter, it’s still a valuable resource if you can get round some of the chaff that’s posted. Now I will use forums in a different and less time-consuming way but publish my own stuff here. Why cut off your nose to spite your face.