I was recently reminded by Jason Thomas of an incident a few years back now when I got threatened with legal action after posting a picture on RM Web of the gent who inhabits the urinals in New Hey station. Now I’m quite proud of that model (I’d be even prouder if his appendage was mine), built from a Monty’s Models signalman with a single line token. The arms were adjusted and the token was actually used as said organ. Mind you I do suspect some signalling “expert” will tell me I’ve put it in the wrong place 😉


As my comment at the time said something to make the girls eyes water.  The stream is actually a strand of fibre optic!. He now stands (proudly) at “the stones”. You can’t see him when they layout is at shows but for the curious a mirror can be supplied to view – just ask any operator!


Anyway it seemed that a certain individual took offence (penis envy?) at it (or more correct was trying to get back at me for making another exhibition manager aware of some issues with booking his layout and the baggage which goes with it) and threatened prosecution for displaying pornographic images on the internet. He must have led a very sheltered existence!

Anyway last week Jason sent me the following photograph which he had seen on a nativity scene in Spain over Christmas. As he said “I imediately thought of you and your posting” (bit worrying that!!) If its good enough for a model in a Catholic church, then it’s good enough for me!

Espana Jan 2013 024



An image of the Rishworth Trophy as mentioned in the comments!