No, not a load of bollocks but in this case Granite Setts. I’ve been asked by Jason how did I do the Granite Setts in the goods yard. Not for me the laborious task of putting down DAS or modelling clay and scribing it in.

I don’t know if anyone has come across Kolb’s learning styles theory before but when I’ve done the test,(and trust me not only have I taken it several times, Ive administered it as well) every time my learning style has come out as a pragmatist with leanings towards activism. This quite shows in my approach to modelling where I accept that some stage along the line, if I want to complete something, I may have to compromise. And so it came to pass with the Granite Setts., or cobblestones as they are more commonly known in gods own earth, the Red Rose County. There are two Commercial Off the Shelf products available which actually stand up quite well to scrutiny and both are made of embossed card. Take your pick, there’s the Howard Scenics sheets and the Metcalfe Models self adhesive sheets. I’ve used both and whilst I’d use them again there are one or two shortcomings. First the  Howard Scenics sheets flatten down a bit when they have been painted, losing a little of the relief, but  luckily not enough to matter. The Metcalfe sheets are not quite as self adhesive as it says on the tin, and require extra glue, but they do take paint better.

Painting itself is in my time honoured “messy” fashion. I covered the whole shooting match after laying with a base coat, using GW Stone No1 (there has to be some use for it) as a base, to this was added various mixes of grey, a bit of blue until I got a match to a set of Cobbles which happen to be just down in the village where we live. Once dry I then used a pallete with much the same mix but added the other colours (greys / blue)as and when, put a small “dryish” amount on the finger and then rub it across the top of the setts. You soon build up a whole range of tonal variations in the setts. In reality the variations can be rather subtle on the real thing so you don’t have to go overboard on the painting.

Ive not been able to find a specific photo of the actual setts and as the layout is in the garage stacked up ready for its next show (Southampton in a weeks time) I can get under the covers to photo them – so heres one with them in the distance!


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