After the previous blog on 17 January, about producing cobbles here’s a picture of some. Now these are what I would term “alien” cobbles because they are actually  in Bristol and therefore a bit too close for comfort to “that” railway.

The reason for their inclusion is that this morning I had one of those proud dad moments when Martyn, my youngest son who’s an archaeologist, was interviewed on Radio 4, and talked about what he was doing with these self same cobbles. It was a radio article on archaeology prompted by the announcement that Richard the third had been found under a car park in Leicester. Martyn’s dig  is on what was a car park in the Canning Dock area of Bristol, hence Radio 4 s interest. Its an old 18 / 19th century shipbuilding site which is going to be redeveloped into dockside flats/apartments etc. The week has prompted much interest in the site resulting in them leaving a sign on the fence on Tuesday “No dead monarchs are left in this car park overnight”.

There’s already been a bit of ribbing from my New Hey cohort concerning the digs proximity to certain relics of IK Brunel, ie the SS Great Britain and Temple Meads, not least Kevin Tongs riposte on Facebook this morning about me not liking it if he had dug up a King on site. To which the reply was “You can add Castles, Halls, Granges and Manors to that list”.

The article is 17 minutes into the broadcast, Martyns bit 19 secs 30 in: