I’m not a great fan of the annual “what we are manufacturing” releases from the manufacturers, its all marketing hype after all, especially Hornby’s and their “embargo”, which is invariably leaked and broken, quite probably deliberately by Hornby themselves, as it creates more marketing frenzy. They are quite clever really, and Its quite funny watching people post on forums that their Christmas has been ruined because someone has leaked the list. Ohh dear, methinks they seriously need to get a life. Mind you I perversely quite enjoy ruining their Christmas if they are so anal.

Bachmann on Sunday announced their programme for the next few years amusingly well in advance of what time they told the fora they could release it, stealing the thunder somewhat. Now is there a message in there, if not a clear warning shot, about unequally favouring a certain manufacturer?  Being occupied most of the last weekend blowing the tuba at the North West Area Brass Band championships, Ive just been having a look at what Bachmann are producing and straight away they eye was drawn to the LMS engineers saloon. Theres a common law of sod in railway modelling that as soon as you start building a kit, the RTR boys will manufacture one. Two weeks ago I opened a brown cardboard box which had been in my kit drawer for a few years and started cleaning up the etches and prepping them. The kit – a Comet LMS Engineers saloon.

Theres a detail difference in some of these coaches – the later built examples have inset door handles to give better clearance of the loading gauge, the earlier ones having flush mounted handles. As I’m doing the Manchester district saloon DB999503 which had the inset handles, I’m sincerely hoping Bachmann will take the easier route and produce the earlier variant with flush handles. Of course, sods law still applies!

Here’s a pic of the beast passed on from Derek EvansImage