Work on building the Comet inspection saloon continues as the Rochdale MRG Wednesday evening project.


Also seen in the photo fellow RMRG members Ian Worthington and Martin Edmondson who were debating some finer geographical points of the scenery on Ian’s new layout “Glaisden” and our token ethnic member Dai Davies who was actually musing on how he can continue to model the GWR and avoid ridicule. It could be worse.

It can be a bit weird putting something away then not opening it up for another week, for a start there’s always a ten – fifteen minute hiatus of “Now where exactly am I up to” as the instructions and etches are consulted once again. This week has seen the basic structure all soldered up – I was somewhat wary of transporting the body back home as in its basic state it is a tad fagile – my thinking is I may break with the Wednesday only rule this weekend and fix the roof on to give the structure some support and solidity – Its an alloy job and does add some beef to the build. Which though will mean doing all the marking out and drilling for the roof vents etc before it does go on as well, so it may not be a quick job!



So far its going together rather nicely (famous last words probably) but then Ive always found Comet to be one of the better kit manufacturers along with the likes of High Level and Brassmasters. One thing about it, you can’t get the same level of satisfaction from opening a blue box with one in, as from actually building one yourself.

If like me you actually do some modelling, rather than sitting in an armchair and spouting crap on a forum without actually producing any goods yourself then you could do a lot worse than joining – where you will not find the people posting pictures of two set track points and some Peco code 100 flexi track saying look at my new TMD, and 50 replies all saying “Great layout mate” or social inadequates taking umbrage because you haven’t followed their advice.

Update: The roof was cut today and put in place to give the shell some rigidity and protection:

IMAG0510(1) (640x480)