A few days ago, a very respected and talented modeller posted a status update on a popular forum and I quote:  “Maybe it’s me, but I miss the banter and threads from the old regulars”  to which a reply from an equally well-respected modeller came “Yep, there seems to have been a bit of an exodus recently, I wonder why????”

Rather than try to answer that immediately myself let me point you in this direction, where Ian’s well observed and reasoned take on model railway forum and internet life gives quite a thought-provoking insight into why so many “names” are disappearing from forum life.


This week in North Manchester a bloke* received his P45. Why? Because he couldn’t adapt to the holistic approach that was required by his organisation, he wasn’t interested in the academy, he didn’t communicate equally with all his people, and facilitated the one-upmanship of some at the expense of others. More to the point he alienated his senior players to the extent they started to take their talent elsewhere or not perform. Sounds vaguely familiar somehow.

*Roberto Mancini, erstwhile manager of the other football team in Manchester.