Show two of an intensive period of exhibiting is hoving into view with our appearance at the National Festival of Railway modelling at Peterborough next weekend (19/20 October).

Now as far as I’m concerned, on maps Peterborough lies in the territory firmly marked “here there be dragons”. More informed opinion tells me Peterborough might well be the capital of Poland given the number of Polish nationals living there, so my “Dzien  dobry, dwa pivo proshe” might come in useful. As a cunning linguist Ive always made it a point of being able to order two beers in every country I’ve visited! I very rarely visit the East of England but this year its two forays into the area (having been to the flying legends airshow at Duxford in July) and as always we will be letting the good beer guide be our passport to the evenings entertainment on Friday and Saturday in Peterborough.

As for the show itself I’m not knowing really what to expect. At the one Warners show Ive done with New Hey – Ally Pally last year – there was a confidence borne from the layouts being booked by a skilled and experienced exhibition manager, Nick Freezer of the MRC, whereas the Peterborough and Donny shows seem almost to be invite yourself (although I’ll freely admit I was approached by staffers from the magazine to exhibit) so the quality? lets wait and see! Either way the traders seem to be predominently box shifters but thats to be expected at a commercial show.

Ive very mixed feelings about commercial shows, as an official of a club who’s subs are low, based on turning a profit from running a show, an outfit like this coming into the market and taking cash away from struggling local clubs offends me, yet on the other hand you can’t deny the publicity they bring to the hobby and security that they provide to clubs which steward for them. Im sure the aisles will be a resemblance of a Cecil B De Mille film, but I just hope the paying punters appreciate that if it wasn’t for the local clubs, there would be a very limited opportunity to view layouts. They deserve your support, if you aren’t a club member then go and have a look at one. Whatever, we will go, perform, entertain and generally have a good time and hope everyone else does too