Ive been on the look out for one of these for ages. Other than the cotton trade, New Heys other big industry was a brickworks which was situated a hundred yards or so up Huddersfield Road from the station.

During the Manchester Show, Colin Seymour of Alan Gibson Wheels, who lives just outside New Hey presented me with a rather heavy loco kit box – when opened there was a whole New Hey brick, with the moniker proudly embossed in the frog. To say I was chuffed is the understatement of the year. The brick may now be well coming out to shows with us in future.

Whilst on the subject of shows Peterborough was a good weekend and there were quite a few good layouts there as well. Quite a few faces around as well to have a bit of banter with and a reasonable knowledgable crowd as well. The stewards from the Market Deeping club were really good as well and made life very easy.

Whats more to the point we found a cracking boozer in the form of a Dutch barge – The Charters – on the River Nene by the main bridge.

New Hey Brick