When planning and constructing New Hey, besides getting hold of the original drawings of the Goods Shed and the Station building, I was very fortunate that one of the founding members of the Rochdale Model Railway Group http://www.rmrg.co.uk was Richard Greenwood.


Richard spent a lot of the 60’s and later photographing the local railway scene around the Rochdale area, along with his contemporaries, Ian Holt and Barry Hilton, and took a shed load of photographs of New Hey, of which I’ve seen most. I then learned about a year ago he had got a slide scanner and was digitising his collection, and every so often we’d get thrown a little taster. Then a few weeks ago, some of it went online, It would be rude of me not to share this site (Barry Hiltons work is at 56), so enjoy. Many thanks to Richard (and Ian and Barry) for having the foresight 50 years ago to go out and photograph the area for me so i could build a model  😉