Oh dear oh dear the cost of buying a blue box is going up by 20% and all of a sudden the model railway world’s vitriol tanker has spilled over big style.

I won’t go into the whys and wherefores here – Andy York on RM Web was at the Bachmann briefing and has given a verbatim and very objective report on the reasons for them taking such an extreme course of action. Needless to say Bachmann’s reasoning makes economic sense, and basically if they wished to continue in business, the price rise was absolutely neccesary. Its called basic economics.

Of course at face value it seems an eye watering increase – but is it? Have a look at the photo above.The quality of the loco in the picture is no better than a British Outline loco made by Bachmann, in fact I think the finish is worse. It probably runs no better than a Bachmann british outline loco either. At the current exchange rates this morning thats a cool £319. Bear in mind that photo was taken in 2009, and prices have gone up since then. And these ignorami who are complaining are asserting that Bachmann models were overpriced before they had to impose their price rise?

Its been coming a long time, and to be frank I welcome a far more realistic price.  Its becoming a rich man’s hobby they cry. Oh dear my heart bleeds for you. Why don’t you actually try making something, or building a kit instead, it can be cheaper and you never know you might actually enjoy it. Its called modelling – as opposed to box opening.