I’m off “darn sarf” this weekend with our (Manchester) club layout Dewsbury Midland to railex at Aylesbury. Without a shadow of a doubt this is probably the best show in the country, and has been so for a few years now. Its packed with layouts that ooze quality and there’s no filler at all. The selection of traders is spot on as well, perfectly suited for those of us who actually model and aren’t particularly interested in acquiring the latest box.

There are shows that are heavy on the bullshit, constantly boasting how many layouts appear, despite a good half of them being indeed filler. Brings to mind a very early 1970s sitcom – Never mind the quality , feel the width.

David Lane, the Railex exhibition manager doesn’t put up with that. If it’s not good enough then it doesn’t go in, simple. And I like that attitude, one I can identify with and practised myself as an exhibition manager.  I’d much rather travel over a hundred miles to Aylesbury and spend an extremely enjoyable day looking at class, and talking to fellow modellers, rather than travel a few miles and feel I’ve wasted half a day when I could have been doing something more useful, like watching grass grow for example. If you have taste, like and appreciate the best in the hobby, then its well worth making the trip to Stoke Mandeville hospital this weekend.