I decided a few weeks ago to close down the blog I’d created for my new layout North Ballachulish and move any entries across to here – it seemed the logical thing to do as New Hey draws towards its retirement from the exhibition circuit in early 2016, plus it easier to maintain and keep fresh the content on the one blog. It aslo coincides with another decison taken over the last weekend, to look afresh at the Scottish layout in view of a few difficulties Ive been having getting the long wheelbase stock such as the TTAs and the fishvans to run reliably through the P4 test track 100% of the time. So far with the Fish vans, which have been built rigid, then compensated and then sprung I have invested an inordinate number of hours trying to get them to run OK, but to no avail, and they aren’t going to run on the layout unless they are reliable.

Then last weekend I was watching a very well modelled P4 layout. there were obvioulsy some operational difficulties but when things were running there were a number of derailments which detracted from what is a fantastic looking layout. I decided there and then I wasnt going to spend hours on individual pieces of stock trying to get it to run right – I’d never finish the layout and to be honest thats manifested itself in the slow progress of the build so far. So its back to EM for it, I know it works, I know its far more reliable and I know I can build it a lot faster.

As I was building the very good P4 track Co point kits I was a bit limited with what I had on stock for a previous idea which forced my hand with the junction arrangements – as I will now be using my own hand built points now, Ive taken the opportunity to remodel it based on a Scottish protoype. The new track is ordered and when it comes i suspect progress will be a lot more rapid – in the meantime does anybody want to buy some Ultrascale P4 conversion wheelsets for Class 26/27’s?