No not a North Ballachulish posting but the 28 and 29 June sees New Hey on a cross border expedition up to the Perth show. I’ve been before to Perth and what an impressive exhibition it is. Whilst the SECC might be the biggest show in Scotland, Perth is unencumbered by the Association show problem of having to take whatever member clubs offer. As a consequence it is definitely is the quality show of Caledonia, a Scottish equivalent of Railex in Aylesbury. Add to that the Scottish hospitality and what more can you ask for. Well worth the journey. Watch out for the North B stock making the odd appearance though, a perfect excuse to test the sleeper train!

Really looking forward to it, even the long drive up there, and also in the evening renewing my acquaintance with some of the rarer examples of the national product of Scotland. As he little old lady said to Jock “Is anything worn under the kilt” ” No maam, its all in perfect working order”. Just like Perth show.