Having now acquired all (or most!) of the constituent parts for the track – there appears to be a worldwide shortage of ply point timbering at the moment – tracklaying commenced on Sunday at long last. The plain tracks easy but I’m using my tried and tested ply point timbering, Exactoscale chairs with brass pins every so often to provide a firm anchor point for the rail which takes time if you are going to get it right. Plus I’d completely forgotten what a real chore threading chairs onto rail is. Its makes ballasting seem interesting.

Having had the problems alluded to above in getting timbering I decided to use the Timber Tracks laser cut timbers – which is already proving to be a time saver. Very good service from Timber Tracks to be honest – placed my order and the laser cut timbers were with me in the next days post. http://www.timbertracks.co.uk/

All the closure and switch rails and the common crossing have already been cut, filed where appropriate and soldered up ready to go in advance. Ive started laying the inner of the loops first which will provide the datum for the rest . I’d drawn the trackplan up on Templot but unlike New Hey, I’m not pasting the plan down and laying the track on top of that, its just being used as a reference as I work along the line with track laid direct onto the cork underlay.

Once the inner loop is down I will move across to the outer Oban bound loop, starting with the diamond which can be seen in the pictures as the fixed reference point to lay the rest of the pointwork from. Progress indeed seems to be going good.