Friday 14 November sees New Hey being packed up again for its last showing of 2014 at the Spalding Show. A different operating sequence has been devised and recently tested at the Hazel Grove show which enables a lot more activity in the goods yard without disrupting the flow of trains on the main lines.

Its or second outing to the East of England and we are looking forward to it – the show has gained a very good reputation over the last few years so it should be a good do. Thats it then until New Hey’s last full year of exhibitions in 2015 starting in April at Epsom. After that theres one show in 2016 and that’s when the fat lass will be singing. We will have done most of the shows in the country worth doing and certainly all of those which I’d wanted to show the layout at so it will have been a good innings.

The layout will be for sale and I will take any sensible offer for it – if it doesn’t get sold then its a viking funeral minus any bits I want to keep!

If you are at Spalding, say hello!