One notices the usual fuckwits on the nations most dumbed down model railway forum are whinging on ad nauseum about the cost of buying a box these days. Of course its all blatant profiteering by Bachmann and Hornby according to them, even though both these companies have patiently and thoroughly explained the reasons why they have had to do this.  I don’t know what it is about them apart from them wanting Rolls Royce product for the price of a Kia, but if they had a brain cell between them, they would be bloody dangerous. Yet they seem oblivious to the Vapourware merchant charging top dollar for so far non existent product. I wonder why? #gullible #easilyled #jamfortomorrow Well heres the rub chaps, if you cant afford it, then you cant buy it, tough titty, my heart bleeds for you. I’d say my usual response here about going out and buying a kit or even scratchbuilding something, but these forum fanboys struggle to open a box, let alone actually build something.