Class 40 New Hey

* Picture of the 40 at New Hey by Chris Nevard, taken at the Epsom Show

Over the weekend at the Epsom show as we went along the motive power on the stock was replaced by diesel power – the excursion ECS working had the class 40 on it, the Blackpool excursion hauled by the 47, the empty coals with the 45 and the short parcels a Metrovick and one of the pick up goods with a 24. Checking the stock box I have enough diesel power and blue and blue /grey stock to run so we have decided that on New Hey’s next outing at Expo EM North in September we will be running the layout in 1968 mode. There may be the odd kettle along assuming I can muster enough blue/grey coaches to re-create the 15 Guinea special 🙂 In the meantime heres a couple of shaky videos off the I phone – and yes you can run sound equipped locos adequately on DC run layouts.