The presence of an RAF Sentinel surveillance aircraft flying low past our office in Oldham this afternoon raised conjecture as to what it was doing – had the authorities been notified of an ISIS enclave in Glodwick? (Quick drop a pave-low on it) or was it the rumour that the leading exponent of vapourware had actually produced something to look at?

It turns out indeed there is something tangible in the offing as RM Web gave an “in depth” (so deep and searching a fly could walk into it an not get its ankles wet) interview with the first mate. Great, congratulations on it, it looks OK but I wouldn’t part with that money when theres a just as good a model of it for a fraction of the cost available, and from a reliable manufacturer. Definitely one for the gullible box opener.

You have to laugh though at the fan base crowing  “Not vapourware any more”. Ermmm stop and think guys, take the blinkers off for a moment – lots and lots of promises, but no action on his own output apart from this one item in two years. One swallow does not make a summer as they say.