The last few weeks have seen a fair bit of activity on wiring North Ballachulish- Ive been starting at source (the mains) and working in. The power box, a veteran off Spotland and New Hey, has been rebuilt to provide the voltages required for the track feeds, points, signals and magnets. Then working to the panel ,which has now been fabricated and is out for wiring to my sub – contractor, Mr Martin Edmondson.  That’s the great thing about being in a club, some people are brilliant at things you may not be, and whilst I’m no slouch at wirng, Martin produces some of the neatest and correct wiring jobs in panels I have ever seen. In return a rake of his parcels stock will be winging its way up from the village for me to paint and weather. The track feeds have already been dropped from the plain track and now number one board needs to be taken down , turned upside down and work commencing on the wiring loom.


panel first draft

The panel diagram (Drawn by Martin Edmondson)