At the Rochdale club evening last night I took delivery of a couple of welcome packages, both picked up from Scalefour North last weekend by co conspirator Ian Worthington who was my proxy at the show – a busy weekend meant there was no way I was going to be there!

First of all some Brassmasters etches for the point rodding cranks and signal pulleys, very fine work indeed, but the real bonus ball was the packet of rodding stools from Alan Buttler at Modelu

These are 3d printed by Alan and are truly stunning – none of the faffing around with soldering etches – straight ready to go stools which just need the square section threading before glueing to the stool bases. These are the mutts whotnots, unfortunately the phone camera can’t do them justice and the Canon needs a battery recharge! I’m looking forward to seeing these laid over the next week or two.


Also last night at the club work on the signals restarted – this is the down starter in its position – still loads of work to do, not least cutting the post down from its current 27 foot to the standard (ish) 20 foot Caledonian post. The Caley lower quadrants are being used – resignalling has yet to reach this backwater!