On the workbench, construction of the signals has been gathering pace. Over half of the signalling scheme is off scene, but the platform starters and the down home are on the baseboards. I’ve done the down starter and down home as standard 20 foot Caledonian Stevens & Co lattice posts. The up starter which also controls entry to the Kinlochleven branch is a 27 foot bracket.

The posts and arms are MSE products – the bracket supports are scratchbuilt as will be the platforms. The finials and lamps are also MSE. The signals will be operated by the Smith and Finney “Hoffman” motors which I just happened to have on stock. The wiring looms to these are already in – it’s a case of installing the motors once the signals are finished.

Its soldered construction throughout – the single 20 foot posts are cut down from the 27 foot etches simply by soldering a new base at the 20 foot mark (I used one of the post construction jigs as a base) and carefully cutting underneath the new base with a razor saw.

The pictures in order – Down platform starter, Up/Branch bracket starter., Down home. There’s a Caley “flap” ground signal to go in yet to control exit from them yard

I can’t plug my reference source highly enough, Its been quite a few quid well spent!

sig 4