September on the model railway circuit always seems to me to mark the start of the modelling year, the exhibition circuit which has been fairly fallow since the end of May burst onto the scene with a number of good shows early on, not least of which is Expo EM North  at Urmston at which I intend to spend some time, followed by the equally excellent Halifax show the week after where I will be on operating duties with Harkness all weekend.

To me it also gets me out of that summer induced modelling torpor, when the “its nice outside and I really can’t be arsed” has kicked in, a chill evening helps me get into the “railway room” and do a bit of modelling work. The autumnal air of the last few days has (apart from a trip on the East Lancs Railway) seen me tidying up the room and starting some serious work in turning the layout from train set mode into a model railway. The scenic formers on the baseboard ends have now been shaped to the contours out of  9mm ply, and fixed in place. Also the road bed of the A82 has now been added and fixed – this is a balsa base which has been varnished to prevent any swelling and will later have a cork surface layer, in which will be embedded the two wires to enable Faller car system working. This will then be sealed with grey undercoat before the road surface, in this case pulverised fly ash, is laid on top. In the third picture in the background is the “dummy” church is sited and at the same elevation where the model of St Brides will be, above the A 82


In the mean time I’ve also turned attention to the track – the pristine C and L track and the points received the attention of the air brush today and using Precision Paints weathered sleeper colour, the track got a fairly non uniform blast so that sleepers have received differing amounts of paint to accentuate the differing nature of sleeper colour. This will be titivated up with a bit of dry brushing in of other shades later, and well as having the web of the actual rail and the chairs painted in a rust colour. After that a through cleaning of the rail tops will take place! Incidentally the “blobs” alongside the main running line are the point rodding stool supports.

I just need to keep the pace up now – whilst at Bolton Street station yesterday and looking forward to my retirement at the start of December, I signed up as a volunteer on the ELR. Modelling at 12 inches to the foot could prove something of a distraction  😉