Over the last week or so I’ve had a bit of spare time (its been a tad in short supply of late) to attempt to get the signals finished for the layout. The post have been soldered to a brass base plate which has had an 8BA countersunk bolt soldered at the back of the plate plus brass tube to take the operating wire through the base board. The surface of the baseboard has been hollowed out with a fine chisel so the plate fits flush with the baseboard top.

The operating of the bracket has had a liberty taken with it, as on the prototype these were operated by a wire through pulleys. Obviously this wasnt going to work in 4mm so I have resorted to crank operation – the cranks taken from one of Danny Pinnock’s D and S models etches, which has been lurking in my bits drawer for longer than I care to remember. The only thing left to put in place is the ladders, and there I have a dilemma. Ive been trying the MSE fold up and solder the rungs in etches but despite using an 18W iron and low melt solder I’m not happy with the results, the sides have distorted. MSE’s etched ladder is too two dimensional for my liking. Im currently playing with some ladders from the plastruct range. They are a bit thick so I have been shaving material of the sides to thin them down, as well as off the rungs, but they are still too chunky for my liking.

Has anyone come across any decent laddering other than the MSE stuff?