I’ve just finished installing the Hoffman motor for the down home on baseboard”A”. As usual in my procrastinating world, it was accompanied by some musing how to transfer the operating arm from the motor (Which slides over a cam to introduce the up down movement) to the operating rod of the signal. The instructions make no suggestions on how to achieve this, which I found a bit bemusing but hey ho, I’ve done some Bill Bedford bits in the past so I’m used to making things up as you go along.

In the end I’ve gone for the simple solution – bend the motor operating wire up at 90 degrees and fix the motor so it mates the the signal operating wire. The two will be joined simply by using a 3 amp chocblock connector, which will enable me to remove the signals from the baseboards whilst any track cleaning takes place to ensure that they dont get knocked and damaged by any careless action ;-) . The bolt seen in the underside baseboard picture is fixed into the signal baseplate and just sinply tightens up to fix in the signal in place for operation.

The front fascia panel has now been fixed to the viewing side as well.


By way of an update (14 Feb) this is what the attached chocbloks look like when fitted – to give extra clearance on this signal’s operating wires which are pretty close together  (The up starter/ branch starter bracket) Ive taken the plastic sheathing off the chocblocks which in as an added bonus in actual fact makes it easier to connect the signal operating wires to and take them out again. Result!