Anyone familiar with Douglas Adams’ Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy will spot the reference straight away, but over the last few days (apart from a trip down South on a little missionary work bringing a small bit of West Yorkshire to the population of Southampton) I have mainly been creating the earth.

Now I’m not claiming any omnipotence here, nor am I going to do it in 6 days, as there’s only so much surforming of expanded polyurethane you can do in one day before the blue crust of bobbles which you get covered in needs cleaning off. That and waiting for the glue on layers to set, which is a bit like waiting for DJM to produce a model.

Because this bit of the West Highlands is situated on one of Glen Coe’s terminal moraines, the land is “lumpy” rather than hilly or even mountainous and the railway and road runs through a series of shallow cuttings. I’m using a combination of some scrap 25mm expanded polystyrene to fill in the big bits,kindly donated bt Tony Bucknell, and some 10mm polyurethane (the blue stuff) to contour the gentle slopes. For the cuttings I’m using foam board to get a nice straight and even face off the man-made slope. The foam board (if you look closely) is ex Jobcentre Plus poster boards which were being thrown in a bin at my former office. It was a bit bent in places so it is easy to sculpt into place I think a better use than their original purpose 😉

The brown ribbon is the road surface of the A82, this is cork sheet which will have a small groove let into it to receive the steel guide wire for the Faller car system. Oh and like Slartibartfast I’m finding it frustrating – no Fiords to create  😉