Well it is the weekend of the Oldham Beer Festival, and like the devoted CAMRA member I am, I will be working behind the bar on Friday and Saturday evenings in return for sampling some of the excellent goodies on offer.

But meanwhile I’ve an exhibition deadline for the weekend after so on return from erecting beer stillages and moving 62 firkins, I started plastering over the scenic formers. So what’s in a mix then? Well a good quality finishing plaster for a start. Then some PVA glue which acts as a strengthener and binder, and also a little (well a lot) of brown liquid watercolour paint – the purpose of which is a colourant, so if there are any plaster chips in the layouts life, the resultant scar is not as bright and obvious.

Its all laid over the scrim previously glued down and laid on using a pallete knife to get a reasonable (ish) smooth finish.

plaster 1plaster 2plaster 3