Its getting a bit frenetic in the back room as I try to get as much done on the layout as possible before it goes out to Rochdale show this next weekend.

I’ve had to leave the two down platform pieces unfixed as I need the room to ballast in between the platform faces. It suddenly occurred as well that it would be easier to fix the point rodding in place at this stage so after a run over to Skipton this morning and a pleasant lunch out, I set to threading the rodding stools on the rod. I approached this with my usual alacrity, but sat at the dining room table that alacrity swiftly disappeared as it became obvious that this was akin to threading 56 needles at one sitting. However strong coffee and perseverance paid off and 6 foot of rodding was threaded in about a half hour. To be honest it was far easier than attempting to solder up the old Colin Waite etches.

I’m using the Modelu rodding stools – – which is 3D printed and far, far superior to anything else on the market, and in truth despite mind numbing threading the rod, easier to use than anything else. The rodding is 0.4mm square nickel silver rod from Model Signal Engineering. The compensator (and when it gets to the lead-away, the cranks and signal wire pulleys) are the rather nice Brassmaster etches. As the bottom picture shows, it looks really fine when installed.

Tonight the rest of the rodding under the platform faces needs fixing in place and painting, then the platforms can be glued permanently in place.

The work in progress can be seen this weekend at the Rochdale Show:



rodding stoolsRodding stools 2