I picked the buildings at Kentallen on the Ballachulish branch to model as they have that quirky Scottish character and definitely a very “Arts and Crafts” turn of the 20th century look to them. Plus the fact they were also local and if this line had been built its likely they would have followed this design.

Its only when I started to plan the build I realised that they were going to be an absolute pig to build as its more than just a box structure. The angles on the roofline in themselves are baffling, despite me having a copy of the original architects drawings to follow.

Kentallen platform side

The cutting of the sides has taken some time, as has the construction of the two platform side bay windows, but today the basic structure got assembled (the joys of retirement !) The basic structure is two laminates of 30 thou plasticard, with a further top laminate of SE Finecast English Bond (I dont use Slaters brick sheets as the courses are not at right angles to the upright join) and above that a layer of 20 thou for where the rendering will be. It’s the components have been then glued to foamboard with Copydex (just as smelly as I remember) to add strength and stop warping and finally glued together using Butanone.

I put the shell in place on the platforms to see how it all hangs together and I’m rather pleased – I’ve already found a favourite viewpoint down between the Village Hall and the Church!

Oh well so much for the musing. Further procrastination awaits in constructing those rooflines next before the detailing goes on.