Members of the EM gauge society might have been a tad puzzled when they opened their latest newsletter which plopped through the letterbox last Saturday. Theres a full-page advert in there for Expo EM Autumn (The old Expo North) at Partington on 9 and 10 September to which North Ballachulish is going.

I was however somewhat pissed off to see that the layout has changed ownership without my knowledge:


If it’s going to appear under Mark’s ownership he’s either going to have to rebuild the track to P4, or change all of the wheels on his stock to EM 😉  They have not even spelt the name of the layout correctly or got the period I’m modelling correct.

Of course cock ups like this do happen, and the exhibition manager immediately held his hand up and apologised which is fair enough, but at the end of the day it leaves a sour taste in the mouth, particularly when the text had been sent for proof reading. Mind you having learned the identity of the proof reader, I’m not surprised, as he does have form in the cock-up department, having already fallen victim to his ineptitude at a previous show, and misspelling the name of another of our layouts in the guide at the last Expo in Bracknell.

Over the weekend I pondered if I wanted to put myself through all of this shit again but after some very wise counsel from fellow RMRG members have decided that I will take the layout. In the meantime I’ve a very pointed e-mail to write to the EMGS board!!