I was working Rawtenstall West box again on Wednesday, the green timetable enabled a bit of modelling to be done between trains!


This time its a “semi-detached” cottage group which is situated just below the church. Since the 70’s this building has been much modified and turned into a single dwelling so whilst I have the basic shell dimensions, the rest has had to be taken from a very distant picture I found in an old book about the Glencoe area. I’ve moved on to doing this building as the waiting shelter which was cut out on the train register desk last week is now complete (apart from having to glue in the screens), along with the station building.




The cottages are now taking shape and the shell built, the rendering has been fixed on and the guttering, now just glazing, doors and slates before final painting. The village group is now really starting to take shape, and it seems to be hanging together very well.



Quite productive this signal box modelling – and I’m working Townsend Fold on Saturday as well – but its a blue timetable with two extra workings and probably not enough time between trains to do anything other than a few small items šŸ˜‰