Nothing to do with that most curmudgeonly of musicians, Morrisey, although it has originated from just the other side of the Salford boundary.

Some time ago, given the scale of work to get the layout progressing to a reasonable state of completeness before Expo EM Autumn at Partington in a weeks time, Phil Taylor offered to do one of the buildings. Not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I gladly accepted the offer, and sent him some photographs of St Brides Manse.

I’d seen the progress a few weeks back and was really pleased how it was coming on, and yesterday got a message from Phil to say its ready – and during his lunch break today drove up to Rawtenstall to deliver it, where it joined the flat pack St Brides church on my modelling tray in the signal box.

Manse 5

As a break from growing grass this evening (enforced due to running out of my chosen base flock of Woodlands Scenics turf burnt grass, which goes down before the grass machine gets to work) I got to work planting the manse in position, up high above the rest of the village. I also stood the flat pack St Brides up against the temporary Airfix church just to get an idea of how it’s all going to fit.

To say I’m well chuffed with the result is an understatement, Phil’s done an exceptional job on this charming manse, I only hope I can match it with the work on the House of the Rising Son next door 😉