That was a good weekend – Saturday was a hard slog as we fine tuned the new fiddleyards – hard graft but well worth it and resulting in  a smooth and better running layout with exactly the sort of train formations I wanted. Sunday we played trains and boy did it work well. A number of invitations to some well prestigious exhibitions for the next few years was the icing on the cake, especially when exhibition managers are judging on what was an 80% or so completed layout. Well chuffed!!


My thanks to my 3 partners in grime this weekend who helped it run so well, Martin Edmondson who made a contribution to the EU swarf mountain as he countersunk  the cassette rails, Phil Taylor who maintained interest on the Faller car system whilst we brought roads into play on Saturday morning, and Ian Bowker, the rock who kept things stable and running whilst Black and Decker hell broke loose around him 😉