I suppose its true the saying that your layouts never finished – the last of the population was fixed in place today – a Modelu 3d print of myself, strategically placed on the signal box steps ready to receive the token from the next train – but Ive already decided another couple of figures would be good and a further 4 highland cattle.

Feb 1

Effectively though, that’s that, Ive started painting the backscene boards which were made the week before last, a Mk1 Ford Transit received a cut and shut Faller Car system chassis last night at the RMRG club meeting, and the modelling tray is now being turned over to some stock weathering over the next few weeks. As I’ve got 3 signalling turns next week, I suspect Townsend Fold and Rawtenstall West signal boxes are going to have a faint whiff of paint around them.

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Once all that lots done, and the photo session with Chris Nevard is completed mid March, the last major work starts, construction of the lighting units. I’ll be using LED strips and doing a theater style presentation, using blue LED strips to bring out the summer hazy cast on the backscene.