weather 1

Weird as it may seem as winter only just seems to have ended, the summer season has started which means the mid week train service has resumed on the East Lancashire Railway.

The advantage for me of doing a midweek turn in the top end boxes is that there’s only 3 trains, with a hour and a half gap in between having to actually work the box. A lot of the signalmen bring in books or magazines, but as evidenced in previous posts, I take the modelling tray in.

The only remaining weathering I has to do on stock was the coaching rakes – there are 2 three coach passenger rakes plus the 5 coach sleeper formation. For me the weathering on coaches has to be subtle, considering that they do go through the carriage washer from time to time. Its dead easy to pick up the airbrush and give the sides a coat of grime, but this calls for more delicate work. Using photographs as a reference, plus the mark 1s passing by the box all day, Ive opted for a dilute mix of my usual grime – matt black, light rust thinned, Ive introduced it to the sides on a brush, then wiped it off. It leaves a very very thin dirty wash, which has been built up a little round the door hinges and edges, and again wiped. The result is a very thin patina of dirt the body sides. The underframes were given a straight dilute coat which was left untouched. I will later touch the underframes up using the airbrush, the roofs will be straight airbrushed. Powders will then be used to highlight various bits, always using photographs as a reference.

I suspect taking the airbrush and compressor into the box is a bit of a no -no and frowned upon by those on high, so that will be done at home. In the meantime I’m on Townsend Fold on Friday – must get myself another in the box project going.


weather 2