One of the perils of building a layout which you cannot really put up at home is adding things which rely on the whole thing being up.

The lighting units are a good case in point. The end stanchions are attached to the fiddle yard boards at each end, and there is one support pylon which extends across the diagonal of the public facing corner of the L. So therefore until the whole shebang is up, you can’t check the fit.


Today we borrowed the scout hut where our club meets to see if it all went up as intended. I’ve got to say I approached today with a lot of trepidation, all the component parts had been built on the workbench, and although I knew each part fitted correctly to its neigbour, I hadn’t a clue how it would actually all end up. Needless to say on the bench I had proceeded cautiously, always remembering the engineers old maxim, measure twice, cut once. The central pylon went up first. Straight away it became apparent some sort of base anchor was required to stop the arm of the pylon bending down and pushing the leg out. The upper part of the pylon is attached to the baseboards using a fishplate, which also has the LED strip control/dimmer attached to it. As a temporary expedient it was cable tied to a baseboard leg whilst a more permanent solution was built.


We knew we were on a winner when the first run of pelmet along the shorter side stayed up. Particularly impressive is how the just short of 5 foot long pylon arm suspends the free end of the pelmet, as can be seen above, a whole lighting rig hanging in space.

The second side needed a slight adjustment and it unfortunately twisted slightly whilst we were farting about with it, but it quickly came good and we now have a fully fitted lighting rig ready for Railex in two weeks time.


We also used the day to check everything fitted in two cars, and leave space for overnight gear! That sorted there’s a few remedial jobs to do on the lighting (see farting about) but by and large we are ready for the show.