trimbush 1

Now North Ballachulish is finished other than routine maintenance, and the new layout Greenbooth is still in baseboard design (I’m contemplating getting some Tim Horn Laser cut boards), I thought I’d get on with some outstanding projects from New Hey days. Not least of these is A2 Pacific 605326.

Eastern Region aficionados of course will identify this loco as “Trimbush”, hence the post title, and it was purchased a couple of years ago at a show at a very knock down price, to haul the Blackpool excursion train on Ian Worthington’s “Glaisden” layout. Seeing as inevitably invalidate the manufacturers warranty as soon as I open the box by taking the thing apart to convert to EM gauge, as far as I’m concerned the cheaper the better, if it needs fettling as an out of the box model, it gets fettled. I win, and the trader gets rid of some remaindered stock, win / win.

Of course you can’t win em all, some are beyond redemption, the DJM J94 being a good case in point, a mechanical dogs breakfast. I did buy one in Hattons bargain sale last year for a very cheap price, but its going to have to be re-chassied, new motor / gearbox and wheels to make it an acceptable runner on the new layout. More of which at a later date. I’m not a person to wish ill will on anyone but in the case of DJM I’ll make an exception, whilst I’m sorry for those who lost money “investing” lol,  I was actually glad to see DJM go bust. I can only see it as good for the hobby in the medium / long term.

Back to the well kept topiary however, for the record I’ve used Gibson wheels. The Bachmann tender had stub axles so I used flangeless top hat bearings before fitting the wheels to stop them flopping about.  The main wheels were quartered using a GW wheel press and quartering jig. A brilliant tool, it ensures the wheels are both properly quartered, and go on straight and perpendicular.  There’s still work to do of course, the connecting rods need bushing before being put back on, and the crankpins tided up and filed back, before the final denouement of soldering the return crank back in position. Weathering then beckons so its already to go before Wigan show in October.

trimbush 2