Bit of a red letter day really as I put up the layout properly for the very first time, having finished off the sub frame this morning.





GB sf 2

Its amazingly rigid albeit being relatively lightweight. At the moment its no adjustable feet on it so a bit of packing was required under leg C to ensure all was level.


Next was to put the boards on for the first time and bolt them together. The system works well even with just myself putting them on – Board one sits between the locating pegs and on the stretcher bar.  Board two then sits on the second stretcher and is gently slid along until the metal engineers dowels engage. Two six mil bolts secure the deal.

GB sf 4GB sf 3

I was pleased just how solid it all was, there’s no lateral give in any direction. Im not saying its bomb proof but it cant be far off.

I suspect the next job will be to paint the boards – White underneath to assist working underneath it at shows, and the backscene boars will get a coat of a sky blue, with a gloss coat on the viewable woodwork. And then let the track laying and wiring commence – yes it is going to be DCC.