Following various distractions, Warley, a trip to see our new grandson in Oslo,  Manchester show and managing a voting exercise for local pubs to go in the next Good Beer Guide, Ive finally this week had some time to do a bit of work on Greenbooth. The boards came down to manufacture the end protectors and also see how it crates up (causing a rethink on how it goes in the car) before putting it back on the subframe to start the next milestone, laying track.

I’m using the new EM gauge PECO flexi track, mainly because of the depth of the sleepers. One thing has become immediately apparent, the sleepers are too closely spaced do for the first piece of track I spent ten minutes cutting the webs under the rails to correctly space the sleepers. I use an impact adhesive to stick the track down, the good thing about having the track plan etched in the boards means you have an accurate mark to glue on. Once the track was down it was out with the Rishworth Trophy to weight it down flat.

GB track 3.jpg

Now as is perfectly obvious from the pic, the Rishworth Trophy is a glazed brick. Not any brick though, this ones prior existence was in the gents urinals at Rishworth station. Its allegedly awarded for the best modeled gents urinals on club members layouts but has actually resided in my railway kit since New Hey literally took the pot a good few years back, partially because of the detail on the guy stood at the stones.


Anyway, back on track, the rails are down – its a bit like cutting the first sod on the railway and immensely satisfying to know the railway build has properly started.



I’m systematically building the line from the fiddleyard so the next bit of build is the station throat. So this afternoon has seen me cutting around 150  1.5mm ply sleepers. Mind numbing stuff but not as mind numbing as ts going to be later this week sliding individual chairs on rail. Enough to drive me to drink and more work on the GBG in advance of next weeks committee meeting.