Forthcoming Exhibitions

North Ballachulish can be seen at the following exhibitions:


In 2020

Model Rail Scotland, Glasgow   21,22,23 February

Alexandra Palace     21/22 March – cancelled  due to virus situation.

East Lancs Railway  4/5 April – Cancelled due to virus situation.

Expo EM Autumn      4/5 September

Wigan                        3/4 October


In 2021

Southampton          30 / 31 January

Perth                           June

Shipley                      18/19 September

Newcastle                 13/14 November



19/20 March              London Festival of Railway Modelling, Alexandra Palace


And the layout has appeared at:

In 2017

Rochdale                 8/9 April (working demo)

Expo EM North      9/10 September  (Working Demo)

In 2018

RAILEX Aylesbury    26/27 May

Skipton                        11/12 August

Halifax                         22/23    September

Manchester                 1/2 December


In 2019

Preston                     2/3 March

York                           20/21/22 April

Expo EM Spring      18/19 May

Warley National at the NEC     23/24 November


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